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# Name Magnitude Object Type In Constellation
M1Crab Nebula8.00Supernova RemnantTaurus
M2Messier 26.00Globular ClusterAquarius
M3Messier 37.00Globular ClusterCanes Venatici
M4Messier 48.00Globular ClusterScorpius
M5Messier 57.00Globular ClusterSerpens (Caput)
M6Butterfly Cluster5.00Open ClusterScorpius
M7Ptolemy Cluster3.00Open ClusterScorpius
M8Lagoon Nebula5.00Cluster with NebulositySagittarius
M9Messier 98.00Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M10Messier 106.00Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M11Wild Duck Cluster6.30Open ClusterScutum
M12Messier 127.68Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M13Hercules Cluster5.80Globular ClusterHercules
M14Messier 148.32Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M15Messier 156.20Globular ClusterPegasus
M16Eagle Nebula6.00Cluster with NebulositySerpens (Caput)
M17Omega Nebula6.00Cluster with NebulositySagittarius
M18Messier 187.50Open ClusterSagittarius
M19Messier 197.50Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M20Trifid Nebula6.30Cluster with NebulositySagittarius
M21Messier 216.50Open ClusterSagittarius
M22Messier 225.10Globular ClusterSagittarius
M23Messier 236.90Open ClusterSagittarius
M24Sagittarius Star Cloud4.60Star CloudSagittarius
M25Messier 254.60Open ClusterSagittarius
M26Messier 268.00Open ClusterScutum
M27Dumbbell Nebula7.50Planetary NebulaVulpecula
M28Messier 7.66Globular ClusterSagittarius
M29Messier 299.00Open ClusterCygnus
M30Messier 307.70Globular ClusterCapricornus
M31Andromeda Galaxy3.44GalaxyAndromeda
M32Messier 328.08GalaxyAndromeda
M33Triangulum Galaxy5.72GalaxyTriangulum
M34Messier 345.50Open ClusterPerseus
M35Messier 355.30Open ClusterGemini
M36Messier 366.30Open ClusterAuriga
M37Messier 376.20Open ClusterAuriga
M38Messier 387.40Open ClusterAuriga
M39Messier 396.00Open ClusterCygnus
M40Double Star WNC49.65Double StarUrsa Major
M41Messier 404.50Open ClusterCanis Major
M42Orion Nebula4.00Diffuse NebulaOrion
M43De Mairan's Nebula9.00Diffuse NebulaOrion
M44The Beehive Cluster3.70Open ClusterCancer
M45The Pleiades1.60Open ClusterTaurus
M46Messier 466.10Open ClusterPuppis
M47Messier 474.20Open ClusterPuppis
M48Messier 485.50Open ClusterHydra
M49Messier 499.40GalaxyVirgo
M50Messier 505.90Open ClusterMonoceros
M51Whirlpool Galaxy8.40GalaxyCanes Venatici
M52Messier 525.00Open ClusterCassiopeia
M53Messier 538.33Globular ClusterComa Berenices
M54Messier 548.37Globular ClusterSagittarius
M55Messier 557.42Globular ClusterSagittarius
M56Messier 568.30Globular ClusterLyra
M57Ring Nebula8.80Planetary NebulaLyra
M58Messier 5811.00GalaxyVirgo
M59Messier 599.40GalaxyVirgo
M60Messier 609.80GalaxyVirgo
M61Messier 6110.18GalaxyVirgo
M62Messier 627.39Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M63Sunflower Galaxy9.30GalaxyCanes Venatici
M64Blackeye Galaxy9.36GalaxyComa Berenices
M65Messier 6510.25GalaxyLeo
M66Messier 668.90GalaxyLeo
M67Messier 676.10Open ClusterCancer
M68Messier 689.67Globular ClusterHydra
M69Messier 698.31Globular ClusterSagittarius
M70Messier 709.06Globular ClusterSagittarius
M71Messier 716.10Globular ClusterSagitta
M72Messier 729.30Globular ClusterAquarius
M73Messier 739.00AsterismAquarius
M74Messier 7410.00GalaxyPisces
M75Messier 759.18Globular ClusterSagittarius
M76Little Dumbbell Nebula10.10Planetary NebulaPerseus
M77Messier 779.60GalaxyCetus
M78Messier 788.30Diffuse NebulaOrion
M79Messier 798.56Globular ClusterLepus
M80Messier 807.87Globular ClusterScorpius
M81Bode's Galaxy6.94GalaxyUrsa Major
M82Cigar Galaxy8.41GalaxyUrsa Major
M83Southern Pinwheel Galaxy7.54GalaxyHydra
M84Messier 8410.10GalaxyVirgo
M85Messier 8510.00GalaxyComa Berenices
M86Messier 869.80GalaxyVirgo
M87Virgo A9.59GalaxyVirgo
M88Messier 8810.40GalaxyComa Berenices
M89Messier 8910.73GalaxyVirgo
M90Messier 9010.26GalaxyVirgo
M91Messier 9111.00GalaxyComa Berenices
M92Messier 926.30Globular ClusterHercules
M93Messier 937.00Open ClusterPuppis
M94Messier 948.99GalaxyCanes Venatici
M95Messier 9511.40GalaxyLeo
M96Messier 9610.01GalaxyLeo
M97Owl Nebula9.90Planetary NebulaUrsa Major
M98Messier 9811.00GalaxyComa Berenices
M99Messier 9910.40GalaxyComa Berenices
M100Messier 10010.10GalaxyComa Berenices
M101Pinwheel Galaxy7.86GalaxyUrsa Major
M102Spindle Galaxy10.70GalaxyDraco
M103Messier 1037.40Open ClusterCassiopeia
M104Sombrero Galaxy8.98GalaxyVirgo
M105Messier 10510.20GalaxyLeo
M106Messier 1069.10GalaxyCanes Venatici
M107Messier 1078.85Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M108Messier 10810.70GalaxyUrsa Major
M109Messier 10910.60GalaxyUrsa Major
M110Messier 1108.92GalaxyAndromeda
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